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Brain Matrix 120 softgels, Cyto-Matrix


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AllerEase - 120 capsules


Allergies   ✔ Strengthen mast cell walls  ✔ Decrease cellular histamine load  ✔ Reduce hypersensitive reaction This potent and natural formula provides relief for hay fever or seasonal allergic rhinitis, and is a safe alternative to over the-counter anti-histamines. Medicinal Ingredients: Each vegetarian capsule contains: • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 650 mg• Grape seed (Vitis vinifera L.) extract* 100 mg*Standardized to contain 12% catechins. Suitable for vegetarians. Recommended...

Bio 82, Fungal infection, Candida, Homeopathic medicine 30 ml


BIO 82 | Fungal infection, Candida albicans Indications Beneficial in the treatment of systemic yeast infections and vaginal yeast infections, where the patient presents with symptoms of fatigue, irritability, unclear thinking, an inability to concentrate and general dissatisfaction, a craving for sweets, flatulence; allergic sensitivities also increase. Internal fungal infections including: chronic sinus infections, not related to allergic conditions, oral candidiasis...

Bio Boost 50 ml, Biomed


Bio Boost 50 ml Respiratory and Immune Support   ✔  Cold & flu  ✔  Viral and bacterial infections  ✔  Boost immune system  ✔  Take at onset of acute symptoms Bio Boost™ is a powerful homeopathic remedy that acts to increase the body’s natural defenses against viral and bacterial infections. It works on the non-specific immune system, stimulates granulopoiesis and increases the phagocytic function of leukocytes. Bio Boost™ markedly...

Bio-Ferra Liquid Iron Supplement 300 ml, Cyto-Matrix


Liquid iron that is highly bioavailable, non-constipating and extremely safe. 20mg of elemental iron per teaspoon with a green apple flavour for increased compliance. A liquid iron delivered in a polysaccharide-iron complex (PIC), a form that is extremely well-tolerated, safe and highly bioavailable Indicated for those with iron-deficient anemia, low ferritin and associated symptoms of fatigue, hair loss, poor cognition,...

Bio-Lutein 60 softgels


An evidence-based blend providing 20mg of lutein, 2mg of zeaxanthin and 2mg of meso-zeaxanthin per softgel. Supports visual acuity and protects the eyes from the damaging effects of blue light emitted from electronics. Each softgel provides 20mg of lutein, 2mg of zeaxanthin and 2mg of meso-zeaxanthin Proven to effectively filter out blue light that is emitted from electronic screens such...

Bioflav Matrix 60 veg caps


A synergistic blend of bioflavonoids to improve blood flow and protect the cardiovascular system. Synergistic combination of multiple bioflavonoids with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions Added coenzyme Q10 for mitochondrial support of the cardiovascular system Indicated for chronic venous insufficiency, cholesterol support and overall cardiovascular protection Vegan. GMO, gluten, soy and dairy free. Ingredient Amount Resveratrol (polygonum extract) 100mg Quercetin...

Biotin Extra Strength 5000 mcg 60 vcaps


Normal Glucose Metabolism Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails How it Works Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin necessary for cell growth, the production of fatty acids, and the metabolism of fats and amino acids.* It also plays key roles in gluconeogenesis and fatty acid synthesis and is therefore critical for maintaining proper glucose and lipid metabolism.* Biotin is also known to...

Bone Collagen Peptides with added calcium, magnesium, vit K2-D3 Powder 213 g


A powdered blend of targeted bioactive collagen peptides to support osteoblast activity and bone mineral density, with added calcium, magnesium, vitamin K2, and vitamin D3. Each serving contains 5 grams of bioactive collagen peptides that are standardized to 5kDa molecular weight in order to stimulate osteoblast activity and specifically upregulate collagen production in the extracellular bone matrix With an additional...

Bone Matrix 90 veg caps


A completely vegan and soy-free blend of the most important nutrients for optimal bone health, designed for improved patient compliance at just 3 cap100% vegan forms of calcium and vitamin D3 Calcium bisglycinate and dicalcium malate offer one of the most soluble and best absorbed blends of elemental calcium to support bone health Vitamin K2 is provided as K2Vital®, a...

Brain Matrix 120 softgels, Cyto-Matrix


Highly standardized herbal extracts and active nutrients for improved cognitive function and memory in your aging population. Contains a comprehensive blend of ingredients designed to support cognition and memory Phosphatidylserine, bacopa and alpha-GPC are included to upregulate acetylcholine production and improve cognitive markers such as memory, attention, mood and reaction time Alpha-Lipoic Acid is able to cross the blood-brain-barrier and...

Broncha 50 ml, Bronchitis and Cough Relief, Biomed


Broncha 50ml  Lung & Bronchial, Cough   ✔  Coughs and asthma support  ✔  Acute and chronic bronchitis  ✔  Respiratory infections  ✔  Natural bronchial dilator The herbs found in Broncha are among the most extensively researched and documented in terms of their effectiveness related to lung and bronchial diseases. The use of this herbal combination is well known in Germany for coughs, acute and chronic bronchitis, asthma, infections and...

C Matrix Buffered vitamin C 60 veg caps


Buffered vitamin C for a gentle approach with your sensitive patients. Paired with bioflavonoids for optimal bioavailability and utilization in the body. Contains a synergistic combination of flavonoids from citrus, sea buckthorn and rutin to maximize absorption and recycling of ascorbic acid Vitamin C is delivered in a pH neutral blend using a buffered mineral delivery system Vegan. GMO, gluten,...

Cardio Tri-Plex, CoQ10 & Omega-3,Protocol for Life Balance, 120 softgels


Cardiovascular Support* How it Works:  Red Yeast Rice (RYR) is a natural product that has been used by Asian traditional herbalists for centuries. It is produced by fermenting Red Yeast (Monascus purpureus) with rice. The Red Yeast Rice in Protocol For Life Balance® Cardio Tri-Plex™ is carefully produced to avoid the presence of citrinin, an unwanted by-product of RYR fermentation process....

Castor Oil 100% Natural Vegetable Oil – Organic 50 ml


For hair and nail beauty.Fortifies and revitalizes the scalp and gives volume and radiance to your hair.Helps repair damaged and brittle nails. Description Unique composition: exceptionally rich in ricinoleic acid*+/- 91% monounsaturated fatty acids (Omega 9)+/- 4.5% polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omege 6)+/- 4.5% saturated fatty acids*a major component of the seed oil obtained from mature Castor plant seeds. Properties and...

Complete Collagen Peptides - Powder 250 g, Cyto-Matrix


A blend of bioactive collagen peptides for complete structural support of the joints, bones, skin, nails and intestinal tract. Standardized molecular weights for optimal absorption and easy mixing. Contains bioactive collagen peptides that are standardized for molecular weights, with predominately small peptides to optimize absorption Designed to provide a blend of evidence-based collagen peptides for general use and the support...

Curcummatrix Highly Bioavailable Curcumin


Curcummatrix™ offers a patented technology designed to specifically increase the bioavailability. The improvement solubility was achieved through the pre-formulation of potential micro-emulsions, in the digestive system, after disintegration of the capsule. The presence of a high Hydrophilic-Lipophilic Balance emulsifier combined with curcumin in a defined ratio enabled the greatly enhanced solubility. Curcummatrix™ offers a solubility in duodenal conditions 7.5 times...

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