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G34 Ribes Nigrum, Black Currant Buds, Gemmotherapy Herbalgem


Ribes Nigrum Black CurrantKey notes: Anti-allergenic Cortisone-like activity; adrenal tonic, anti-inflammatory, adaptogenic action Chronic disease Therapeutic actions:Ribes nigrum already recommended by the abbot of Montaran in 1712 under the name “elixir of life“, Ribes nigrum was considered as a true panacea because it was told to support human longevity. It is the bud to take to help in all cases of varied pathology....

G75 Juglans regia Gemmotherapy remedy Herbalgem


Description Key notes: Affinity for skin and mucous membranes Cleans up local infections in the body; anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, antiparasitic, antifungal, antibacterial Helps regulate blood sugar levels – pancreatic endocrine Improves digestion/spleen Qi function – pancreatic exocrine Therapeutic actions: Restores the flora of the colon after antibiotics. This bud is the main remedy for diabetes and acts by normalizing enzymes, insulin production, and the secretion of...

G3 CA-GEM Anti-stress complex Gemmotherapy, Herbalgem


Anti-stress complex European name: CALMIGEMPrevious name in Canada: G3 CAL-GEM Key notes: It reduces nervousness and combats stress very quickly. Synergistic effects: Ficus carica (Fig buds) is an extraordinary remedy because it acts in depth on the endocrine system contributing thus to the regulation of a good number of problems. At the nervous level, its calming action is well known and remarkable. It...

G9 IM-GEM Immunity complex Gemmotherapy, Herbalgem


 Immunity complex European name: IMMUNOGEMPrevious name in Canada: G9 IMM-GEM Key notes: Stimulates and reinforces the body’s natural defenses and procures at the same time a feeling of well-being. Characteristics: Stimulates and strengthens the natural defences of the body. Preventive action on illness and disease. Can be used acutely, or over the winter season. Prevents demineralisation by restoring the mineral balance. Supports...

G12 OP-GEM, Eye complex, Gemmotherapy


Eye complex European name: OPTIGEMPrevious name in Canada: G12 OPT-GEM Key notes: Improves vision through enhancing microcirculation to the eyes, support for degenerative conditions of the eyes and for eye fatigue. Synergistic action: Juniperus communis (Juniper young shoots) is primarily a liver remedy, indicated in hepatic insufficiency, chronic hepatitis, medication intoxication, alcoholic cirrhosis and allergies. It acts in-depth as an overall invigorator of...

G4 CO-GEM, Healthy blood pressure complex, Herbalgem


Circulation & healthy blood pressure complex European name: CORDIAGEMPrevious name in Canada: G4 COR-GEM Key notes: Is ideal to obtain healthy circulation and an optimal blood pressure. It can be taken preventively and during long periods. Synergistic action: Crataegus oxyacantha (Hawthorn buds) is traditionally used for heart problems and concentrates all virtues of the tree: it has at the same time the properties...

G72 Castanea vesca, Gemmotherapy, Organic, Sweet chestnut Buds


Description Keynotes: Lymph drainage / lymph circulation (lower extremities of the body) Venous drainage (congestion, back up of flow; spasms, usually secondary to congestion) Therapeutic actions: Food tree above all, with multiple uses, Castanea vesca is used not only for its buds but also, and chiefly, for its seeds, often confused with Horse chestnuts. Other parts of the tree are used, such as the...

G2 AR-GEM, Joint complex, Gemmotherapy, 30ml


Joint complex European name: ARTIGEMPrevious name in Canada: G2 ART-GEM Key notes: Restores the body’s mobility and flexibility. Relieves pain and improves joint flexibility. Synergistic effects: Ribes nigrum (Black currant buds) has a tonic action on the endocrine glands and more particularly on the suprarenal glands, which allows the blood cortisol rate to naturally increase. This cortisone-like activity gives a lasting anti-inflammatory effect....

G17 VE-GEM veins complex, Gemmotherapy, 30 ml


Healthy veins complex European name: VENAGEMPrevious name in Canada: G17 VEN-GEM Key notes: Says goodbye to heavy legs! This complex is well known by those who suffer from heavy, painful or swollen legs. Synergistic action: Sorbus domestica (Service-tree buds) through its action on venous plethora, decongests heavy legs and works on cold hands and feet, toning vein walls at the same time. It...

G20 DEPURASAP Gemmotherapy remedy Organic Fresh birch sap + bud extracts 250 ml


Gemmotherapy is a branch of phytotherapy that uses buds and young shoots of trees and shrubs. Gathered in the spring at a key stage of their natural growth cycle, buds and young shoots are freshly handpicked and put in maceration in a solution of water, alcohol and glycerin to extract all their active principles. HerbalGem’s complexes are a combination of carefully selected single...

G59 Tilia tomentosa, Gemmotherapy, Organic, Herbalgem


Key notes: Drains and sedates the nervous system (NS), balancing Overall calming for the nervous system (NS) Sedative Anti-spasmodic Anxiolytic Anti-inflammatory Therapeutic actions: Tilia tomentosa (Linden tree bud) has both the properties of the flower and of the sapwood, a good example of the versatility of the bud compared to differentiated parts of the tree that are specialized in a determined...

G11 NO-GEM, Sleep complex, Gemmotherapy, 30 ml


Sleep complex European name: NOCTIGEMPrevious name in Canada: G11 NOCTIGEM For a peaceful sleep. It helps induce sleep and increases the quality of the sleep. G11 NO-GEM is particularly indicated for children. G11 NO-GEM helps you fall asleep and improves the quality of your sleep, thanks to the Linden tree bud, which has both the calming properties of the flower and the draining properties of...

G44 Alnus glutinosa Gemmotherapy remedy Organic European alder Buds


Description Keynotes: Cerebral or coronary issues (post-MI, post cerebral infarct, after the acute stage. Increases circulation, initiates angiogenesis, antithrombotic and anticoagulant) Inflammatory conditions (musculoskeletal, respiratory) Cognitive function (memory loss, senile dementia) Double or triple the dose initially to get vessels rebuilding Therapeutic actions: A great remedy for inflammatory syndromes and the circulatory system. Is a remedy of inflammatory syndromes, especially originating from a mucosa, at...

G90 Calluna vulgaris Gemmotherapy, 50ml


  Description Key notes: Chronic hypo-immune post inflammatory syndrome. Remedy for scleroderma-amyloidosis Acts in recurrent and prolonged suppuration disease Therapeutic actions: The presence of tannins explains certain anti-infectious properties notably the antioxidant properties of arbutin, hydroquinone (also present in Bearberry). It contains flavonoids such as quercetin, which could explain its sedative virtues. Duke mentioned it for cancer, which seems to be confirmed in some publications....

G18 BA-GEM, immune defenses, Gemmotherapy remedy, Herbalgem


Defense complex European name: SANOGEMPrevious name in Canada: G18 BAC-GEM Key notes: Stimulates weakened immune defenses, is recommended for the treatment of acute and chronic bacterial infections as well as for the treatment of secondary infections associated to the flu. Synergistic effects: Alnus glutinosa (European alder buds): Acts on suppurative and inflammatory stages. Remedy for the whole ear, nose and throat (ENT) sphere,...

G22 DE-GEM, Skin complex, Gemmotherapy remedy Organic,30ml


Skin complex European name: DERMAGEMPrevious name in Canada: G22 DER-GEM Key notes: Possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties, restores the skin and provides drainage of the skin, kidneys and liver. G22 DE-GEM is recommended for inflammatory, keratinized and allergic dermatosis associated with pruritis. It is also recommended for the prevention of skin ageing. G22 DE-GEM is a concentrated gemmotherapy complex that works in depth on the...

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