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R96 Pulsatilla Compositum Nasal Spray 15ml, Dr. Reckeweg, EXP 08/24


Indications The remedies that constitute this nasal spray act directly on the mucous membranes of the nasal passages. This spray is ideal during the cold and flu season when symptoms of blocked noses, profuse nasal discharges, violent sneezing, and catarrhal symptoms are all too common. Obstruction of the nose can create subsequent problems of foul odours, loss of smell, and...

Ox Bile SAP CHOLERETIC 90 caps, EXP 07/24


SCIENCE-BASED BILE FLOW (CHOLERETIC) SUPPORT Bile is a fluid excreted by hepatocytes to aid digestion. Bile performs several vital functions such as excretion of lipid-soluble toxins, emulsification of dietary fats to aid in their absorption, cholesterol metabolism, excretion of immunoglobulin A and inflammatory cytokines to initiate an immune response, facilitation of enterohepatic circulation including the transport of hormones and pheromones....

PCOS Care® 129 g, Bioclinic (polycystic ovarian syndrome) EXP 07/24


Benefits Provides recommended 40 to 1 ratio of myo to D-chiro inositol Contains naturally occurring forms of inositol, clinically shown to have complementary effects on both metabolic and ovarian function among women with PCOS Includes methylcobalamin and activated folate (L-5-MTHF) for optimal fertility and pregnancy outcomes Unflavoured powder allows for easy twice-per-day dosing Feature Summary PCOS CARE® provides the two most...

Melatonin B6 - 60 lozenges, Biomed, EXP 08/24


10 mg Sleep Support ✔  Jet lag, shift work, anti-aging✔  Fast acting, non-addictive✔  Wake refreshed, no morning hangover✔  Achieve deeper stage 4 sleep as required for detoxification Melatonin + B6 is a high potency formulation to promote natural sleep. Decreased melatonin production and sleep issues can develop with aging and lifestyle factors (artificial light, shift work, late night/altered sleep schedules, and exposure to electrosmog...

Neutral Hydrating Milk AromaSelf, 250 ml | Organic, EXP 07/24


Rich in aloe vera and vegetable oilFace – Body – Babies – Infants – Adults Fragrance-free, colorant-free – 0% allergenic250 ml | Organic Description Discover the benefits of this hydrating moisturizer designed for the whole family, and for all skin types including sensitive skin.  Our organic neutral hydrating milk brings softness and suppleness to the skin, thanks to its formula enriched with aloe...

Excell C, Vitamin C Enhanced with Ribose - 200 grams, Biomed, exp 09/24


Vitamin C Enhanced with Ribose   ✔  Suitable for high dosing  ✔  Enhanced absorption  ✔  Buffered (non-acidic)  ✔  No stomach upset Excell C is a buffered powder form of vitamin C. Added ribose ensures increased absorption through both the sodium-potassium and ribose pentrose phosphate pathways for uptake of vitamin C into the cells.The benefits of buffered sodium ascorbate include broad spectrum application for immune and antioxidant support, while...

Bacillus Coagulans - 90 capsules, Biomed EXP 08/24


Intestinal Flora, Diarrhea, IBS Support   ✔  Inhibits pathogenic bacteria growth  ✔  Relieves abdominal pain & diarrhea associated with IBS  ✔  Promote a healthy gastrointestinal system  ✔  Diarrhea after bacterial infections or antibiotics  ✔  Shelf & acid stable  ✔  No refrigeration required Bacillus Coagulans is a shelf-stable lactic acid probiotic that helps restore healthy flora in the intestinal tract by maintaining the stability and diversity of the gut microbiome. It is used...

Women's Multi 120 veg caps, EXT 07/24


This well balanced multi vitamin and mineral formulation is particularly suited for women due to the iron content and bioactive forms of B vitamins. All minerals are in their citrate forms for increased absorption and efficacy. As with all Cyto-Matrix formulations, vegetarian capsules are used. Ingredients4 capsules contain:Vitamins: Natural Beta-Carotene - 5000 IU (750 ug RAE) Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)...

L-Taurine SAP, Amino Acid, 120caps, NFH, EXP 08/24


L‑Taurine SAP contains high-quality taurine that can be clinically used in combination with Mito SAP to support optimal mitochondrial metabolism. Taurine is a conditionally essential amino acid that plays a significant role in mitochondrial health by maintaining the mitochondrial pH buffering capacity and electron transport chain activity, regulating the expression and translation of respiratory proteins, and protecting mitochondria against oxidative stress. Taurine is...

Warm Welcome, 10 ml, Organic essential oils, Pranarom, EXP 07/24


This organic blend contains 100% pure and natural chemotyped essential oils A blend of Grapefruit and Bay Laurel to promote exchanges and sharing in a welcoming atmosphere. Thanks to the know-how and expertise of one of the great “noses” of the industry from the city of Grasse, Pranarom is reinventing the world of scents with its diffusion synergies. The richness...