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THE 12 HTSF COMPLEXES Homeopathic medicine


HTSF Trauma - Traumatism HTSF Viral - Initial stage of viral infection (pre-symptomatic) HTSF Sep - Productive stage of infection (symptomatic) HTSF Dram - Resolution stage of illness: convalescence –decongestant HTSF Man - Inflammation -pain HTSF Mam1 - Streptococcal infections HTSF Bro -  Affection of the upper respiratory tract HTSF Pulmo - Affection of the lower respiratory tract -pneumonia HTSF...

C03 Flu Buster Homeodel - Schmidt Nagel 5 tubes


Flu Buster Medicinal ingredient Influenzinum 30CK Non-medicinal ingredient Organic globules (organic cane sugar) Recommended uses Homeopathic remedy used to help relieve cold symptoms of winter. Duration of use Do not use for more than 10 days and stop taking as soon as ameliorated. Recommended dose Adults over 13: 1 dose per day. Take the entire tube diluted in a little...

Candida Albicans 12 CH globules


Candida Albicans 12 CH globules

Hyperactivity, Attention disorder 30ML


Calms hyperactive behavior. Improved concentration and memory. Helps relieve nervousness, stage fright, impatience, hypermotivity and irritability. Supports the nervous system. Homeopathic remedy used for difficulty concentrating in people who are prone to hyperactivity and attention disorder. Medicinal Ingredients :Argentum nitricum 30CK, Kalium bromatum 30CK, Tuberculinum bovinum 30CK, Zincum metallicum 30CK Non-medicinal ingredients :Organic alcohol 20% Dosage :Adults and children over...

Calendula T.M. 10% Cream 30 ml


CalendulaMarigold flowers are a common sight in our gardens. Historically these flowers were thought to lift the spirits and encourage cheerfulness. Medicinally calendula is used to decrease inflammation and stimulate the growth of skin and mucus membranes. Extracts of calendula have also been shown to inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses. All of these properties make calendula an excellent...

Homeodel 46, 30 ml., intraocular pressure


HOMEODEL 46, Homeopathic remedy for pour tension intraoculaire, relieve intraoculair pressure. Ingredients: Prunus Spinosa 9ch, Aurum met. 30k, Lachesis 30k, Secale corn 30k, Spigelia Antelmia 30k,  

Stress, Anxiety organic oral drops 30 ml


Recommended during periods of stress and anxiety. Useful during feelings of stage fright, anticipatory anxiety, nervousness, haste, tremors, multiple fears and phobias. Behaviors of impatience, irritability and restlessness. Medicinal ingredients: Argentum nitricum 30CK, Gelsemium sempervirens 30CK, Nux vomica 30CK Non-medical ingredients: Organic acohol 20% Adults: 5-10 drops 1-3 times per day. Dilute drops in a smal amount of water.  

Ear infection 30 ml


Relieves pain related to external otitis. Help support in decreasing pain, throbbing and throbbing sensation. Alleviation of congestion and risk of suppuration. Medicinal ingredients: Aconitum napellus 30CK, Ferrum phosphoricum 30CK, Mercurius solubilis 30CK, Pulsatilla vulgaris 30CK, Pyrogenium 30CK Adults and children over 12: 5-10 drops 1-3 times per day. Newborn: 1-3 drops 1-2 times per day. Children 1 to 12: 1-6...

Eczema & Rashes, organic 30 ml


Relieves skin rash & itching Soothes itching in eczema, hives or other forms of rashes. Anti-inflammatory for the skin and helps maintain skin hydration. Homeopathic Medicinal ingredients: Apis mellifica 6D , Cardiospermum halicacabum 6D, Calendula officinalis 6D, Sulfur iodatum 6D Dosage Adults and children (ages 12 and up) 5-10 drops 1-3 times daily, acute cases 4-6 times in a little water or...

Urinary disorders 30 ml


Helps relieve discomfort related to urinary tract infections. Urinary tenesmus, burning during urination, hematuria, cloudy urine and bad smell. Medicinal ingredients: Cantharis 30CK, Colibacillinum cum natrum muriaticum 30CK, Equisetum hyemale 30CK, Staphysagria 30CK Homeopathic medicine Adults 5-10 drops 1-3 times per day  

Hemorrhoids ointment 30ml


Helps relieve the discomforts associated with hemorrhoids: stinging pains, pruritus, inflammation, fissures, burning, swelling and bleeding. Medicinal ingredients: Aesculus hippocastanum MT, Hamamelis virginiana MT, Hydrastis canadensis MT, Paeonia officinalis MT, Ratanhia MT=1D Non medicinal; Lanolin, Vaseline

Liver & Gall Bladder 30ml


Liver & Gall Bladder homeopathy Improves digestive disorders related to the liver such as nausea, migraines, liver pain, constipation and bitter taste. Ingredients : Medicinal ingredients: Carduus marianus 6D, Cynara scolymus 6D, Taraxacum officinale 6D Non-medicinal ingredient: Organic alcohol 20 Suggested Use Duration of use: Do not use for more than 10 days and stop taking as soon as ameliorated. Recommended...

Sleep disorder 30ml


Indicated during insomnia. Calms the nervous system in cases of anxiety, agitation, overwork, annoyance or nervousness preventing sleep. Medicinal Ingredients :Ignatia amara 6D, Passiflora incarnata 6D, Valeriana officinalis 6D Non-medicinal ingredients :Organic alcohol 20% Dosage :Adults: 5-10 Drops 1-3 times per day. Dilute drops in a small amount of water.

Cats and dogs Hair Allergies 5 dose


Helps relieve symptoms related to cats and dogs hair allergies such as repetitive sneezing, watery eyes and itchy red eyes, itchy, runny or stuffy nose.

Pollen 5 doses, Pollen allergies relieve


Helps relieve symptoms related to pollen allergies such as repetitive sneezing, watery eyes and itchy red eyes, itchy, runny or stuffy nose. Homeopathic medicinal Ingredients :Histaminum hydrochloricum 6C, 30C, 200CK, 1MK, 10MK. Ambrosia artemisiaefolia 6C, 30C, 200CK, 1MK, 10MK Non-medicinal ingredients :Organic globules (organic cane sugar) Dosage :Adults and teenagers 12 and over: Tube (6 C): 1-unit dose 1 per...

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