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Resistance Formula: immune stimulating and tonifying properties

This specially blended essential oil formulation is probably the best known, and most famous, of all aromatic recipes globally. It is inspired by the French legend of the 4 thieves in the 15th century, who managed to steal the jewelry of patients dying from the plague without themselves being contaminated by this extremely contagious disease. The legend tells that the secret of their resistance to the disease was due to their use of a mixture of essential oils with extraordinarily disinfecting and protective properties against all infections. It is a common blend that is still used in the present day, and is virtually unchanged in the AROMAVITA 8 Resistance Formula.

AROMAVITA 8 can be summarized as having 2 key characteristics: first, it has immune stimulating and tonifying properties: and second it is a potent disinfectant, air purifier, and antiseptic. The Thieves oil has been often considered to be a universal panacea, has been an exception tool to fight off pathogens and protect the body from their harmful effects. It can help with maintaining a healthy respiratory system to prevent oral or sinus, or bronchial infections, and also rid the body of active infections.

The blend of Essential oils in this mixture makes it an excellent general antiseptic and is also well tolerated for diffusion, inhalation or oral use when they are slightly diluted. Due to its antiseptic properties, AROMAVITA 8 has a wide application for many skin conditions, be it internal or external treatment. Aside from cinnamon or clove, considered to be "heavy" or very strong oils, the other ingredients are "light", have volatile flavours, which are conducive to cleansing the local atmosphere of a room that may be contaminated by pathogenic germs. Spraying or diffusing the mixture for ten minutes will usually destroy any kind of aerial contamination (how it got its name in protecting from infections).

AROMAVITA 8 has a very pleasant smell, along with its antiseptic properties, it can be used as a deodorizer to eliminate unwanted smell or odours, and if diluted, it can even be used topical to clean work areas and electronics and used to soak smelly clothes.

Finally, the essential oils in AROMAVITA 8 contain molecules that are tonic in nature, helping to stimulating to the body, mind and natural defenses. The regular use of thieves' recipes is therefore one of the best strategies for the prevention of most infectious to which the organism can be exposed to on a daily basis.