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CORE Support, 525 gr, Ortho Molecular Products

CORE Support includes N-acetyl cysteine, an immediate precursor to glutathione and an antioxidant that reduces the oxidative effect of free radicals. The formula also includes psyllium to promote bowel movements.
RECOMMENDED USE • Provides Antioxidants for the Maintenance of Good Health • Bulk-forming Laxative that Promotes Bowel Movements by Increasing Bulk Volume and Water Content • Helps to Maintain the Body’s Ability to Metabolize Nutrients
Recommended Dose: Adults: Take 2 scoops 2 times per day. Mix 2 scoops with 1.5-2 cups of liquid (water, milk, fruit juice or similar aqueous beverage), stir briskly and drink immediately. Effects observed 12-24 hours after first dose and may take 2-3 days. Take with food/meals. Consume 2 hours before or after taking other medications or natural health products. Ensure to drink enough fluid before, during and after exercise.