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ElementAll™ Biological Diet Chocolate 1404 g powder



  • Provides a hypoallergenic formula, with 100% of protein supplied from free amino acids, particularly L-glutamine, a key fuel for intestinal cells
  • Contains easily assimilated and tolerated carbohydrates
  • Meets all nutrient requirements, while needing little-to-no digestive functionality for macronutrient breakdown
  • Excellent taste for improved compliance; available in chocolate and pink lemonade flavors

Feature Summary

ElementAll Biological Diet is an elemental diet formula that provides comprehensive, hypoallergenic, easily digestible standalone nutrition for individuals with impaired digestive function. The efficacy of elemental diets has partly been attributed to the elimination of allergens (while providing nutrients requiring minimal digestion). This promotes gastrointestinal mucosal health and normalization of intestinal permeability.1
Among those with newly diagnosed Crohn’s disease, complete elemental nutrition induces remission in over 80% of patients, while a “half elemental diet” significantly lowered relapse rates when followed longer term.2-4

Elemental diets target gut microbiota as well as inflammation; in addition to suppressing NF-κB levels (a critical regulator of inflammation),5 they significantly lower the population of Bacteroides fragilis, a species linked to inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) as well as colorectal cancer.6,7 Among individuals with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and abnormal lactulose breath tests (indicative of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, [SIBO]), 85% had normalized breath values, as well as improved symptoms after following an elemental diet.8 Elemental diets have also led to similar improvement when compared to corticosteroid therapy among rheumatoid arthritis participants, and both immunopathologic and clinical improvement among participants with refractory celiac disease.9,10

ElementalAll Biological Diet provides all the essential micro and macronutrients optimized for easy assimilation and is designed to be the sole source of nutrition for individuals with impaired digestive function.