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Fertility Matrix Sperm Motility Support 150 g


A powdered blend of evidence-based nutrients to improve sperm motility, morphology and count, supporting optimal male fertility. Pineapple flavour for improved compliance.

  • Designed to support male fertility, including sperm motility, morphology and count, as well as testosterone levels and libido
  • Coenzyme Q10 and acetyl-L-carnitine provide mitochondrial support to improve sperm parameters and improve pregnancy rates
  • Zinc and selenium are delivered in their bisglycinate chelate forms for optimal absorption and tolerability, designed to provide antioxidant support to combat reactive oxygen species and ultimately improve spermatogenesis and sperm parameters
  • Suboptimal vitamin D levels are associated with low testosterone levels in males and supplementation may help to increase testosterone in vitamin D deficient individuals
  • Saffron has been demonstrated to effectively improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction, increase overall sexual function and improve sperm parameters in males
  • KSM-66 ashwagandha is a proprietary full-spectrum extract of withania root, made without alcohol or chemical solvents, and has been shown to improve sperm parameters, muscle strength and testosterone levels in males
  • Each 150 gram bottle contains a 25 day supply in a pineapple flavoured powder for improved compliance and ease of use
  • Vegan and free from GMO’s, gluten, soy and dairy