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G94 RI-GEM Respiratory & Allergic Complex Gemmotherapy remedy, 50ml




Respiratory & Allergic Complex

European name: RINALGEM
Previous name in Canada: G94 RINALGEM

Key notes:

Inflammation of the ENT sphere: acute allergic reactions of the upper respiratory tract mucosa, ENT drainage.

Allergic rhinitis: runny nose, sinus congestion, nasal congestion, eye redness with or without associated conjunctivitis, respiratory mucous due to bronchitis.

Synergistic action:

Fumitory MT: antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, hepatobiliary regulation, cleansing action.

Ribes nigrum: endocrine balancer and adrenal tonic, cortisone-like activity, reduces histamine production, has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic action.

Carpinus betulus: Anti-inflammatory of mucous membranes, ENT drainer, remedy for rhinitis, colds, rhinopharyngitis, antispasmodic for sinusitis or bronchitis.

Rosa canina: anti-allergic properties in case of mucous membrane inflammation, increases IgA in serum, improves mucous membrane immunity.

Rubus fruticosus: pancreatic drainer, has a hypoglycemic action, antisclerotic action in respiratory system to reduce fibrosis.


  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Antihistamine action.
  • Cleanser of the nasal and respiratory mucosa.
  • Hepato-biliary drainage and hyperglycemic regulation.
  • Regulation of the phase of ACUTE HYPERFUNCTION.
  • Does not cause addiction and drowsiness!

Gemmotherapy is a branch of phytotherapy that uses buds and young shoots of trees and shrubs. Gathered in the spring at a key stage of their natural growth cycle, buds and young shoots are freshly handpicked and put in maceration in a solution of water, alcohol and glycerin to extract all their active principles.

HerbalGem’s complexes are a combination of carefully selected single bud and young shoot extracts, acting in synergy to target a specific health problem.

Ingredients | Each drop contains:

Carpinus betulus* (Hornbeam, buds) (1:20 QCE 0.5 mg)….. 0.01 ml

Fumaria officinalis* (Fumitory, herb top) (1:20 QCE 0.5 mg)….. 0.01 ml

Ribes nigrum* (Black currant, buds) (1:20 QCE 0.5 mg)….. 0.01 ml

Rosa canina* (Dog rose, young shoots) (1:20 QCE 0.5 mg)….. 0.01 ml

Rubus fruticosus* (Blackberry, young shoots) (1:20 QCE 0.5 mg)….. 0.01 ml

Non-medicinal ingredients: glycerin* (vegetal), alcohol* 35%, purified water.

*Organic certification by Certisys-BE-BIO-01 – Agriculture EU/non EU


Adults > 18 years take 5-15 drops once daily, pure or diluted in a little water or as recommended by a health care practitioner. It is not recommended to use RI-GEM for more than 10 consecutive days.

Cautions and warnings:

Consult a health care practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen.

Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you have biliary obstruction, cholangitis, gallstones and any other biliary disease and hepatitis.

Keep out of reach of children.

Do not use if safety seal is broken.

Keep in a cool, dry place.