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Green Clay Strips Textilit 2 strips of 5 m x 8.5 cm


Practical & innovative format
100% environmentally-friendly – biodegradable

Pack of 2 strips of 5 m x 8.5 cm


Find all the benefits of clay in an innovative and practical format, designed by Argiletz to take care of you in the best possible way. With our Textilit range, from clay strips to ready-to-use clay sheets, we do everything we can to make these clay treatments a moment of pure relaxation that’s as easy to perform as it is quick. Find out more about this innovative, 100% environmentally-friendly process.

Quick to apply and highly effective, this strip contains all the authentic qualities of Argiletz clays for lasting relief of tired or aching muscles. All that’s left is to apply a thicker green clay poultice, if you wish, to completely erase any unpleasant sensation.

Our patented technology enables us to impregnate a thin layer of finely ground clay onto a strip of 100% plant-based, 100% recyclable cellulose. Pressurized impregnation of the strip with green clay ensures that the clay forming the strip penetrates right to the core. The smooth, homogeneous surface ensures better adhesion to the skin’s epithelial layers.

It’s this innovation that makes our strips so effective, even with a very thin layer of clay.

Did you know? It’s not the thickness of the clay layer that makes it effective, but its treatment and support.

Applying a thick layer of clay paste simply keeps the poultice moist for a certain length of time.


Textilit® 100% natural illite green clay.

Support: 100% cellulose (vegetable).

Directions for use for external application

  1. Argiletz clay tape comes in 5-meter rolls.
  2. We recommend applying 3 to 4 overlapping layers of strips to the desired area.
  3. Cut or tear off the desired length for application. Textilit® tape tears easily due to its cellulose nature.
  4. Moisten the clay with cold or lukewarm water, so that exchanges with the surface layers of the skin can take place quickly. Moistening the strip or spraying water onto it is preferable to soaking. This moistening can be repeated several times during the application period.
  5. Apply the bandage without stretching the strip.
  6. Keep in place for 1 to 2 hours, ensuring that the bandage remains moist.
  7. Renew moistening if necessary. The bandage must not dry out.