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IG 26 DF
Hyperimmune Egg/Dairy-Free Immunoglobulins and Arabinogalactan*

Clinical Applications:
» Provides Immunoglobulins and Immunoregulating Factors That
Promote Intestinal and Systemic Health*
» Supports Passive Immunity in the Intestine*
» Promotes Balanced Cytokine Production*
» Supports Muscle Performance and Recovery*

IG 26 DF are self-affirmed GRAS supplements that
provide IgY immunoglobulins and immunoregulating molecules from
hyperimmune chicken egg. Research suggests that this dairy-free
source of immunoglobulins and immune cofactors helps support immune
function in the intestine and a healthy intestinal environment. These
benefits positively impact extraintestinal health. For added support of
gut microflora, the prebiotic arabinogalactan is provided in IG 26 Plus DF.
Preliminary research also suggests the immunoregulating molecules in
these formulas help modulate cytokines and enhance sports recovery.*