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NAG (N-acetyl-glucosamine) - 120 capsules


Gastrointestinal, Musculoskeletal, Inflammatory Bowel Disease

  ✓ Intestinal mucosa repair
  ✓ Reduce inflammation
  ✓ IBS, Crohn's Colitis

Do not use in individuals with a known or suspected sensitivity to seafood or shellfish (glucosamine derived from shellfish exoskeleton).

NAG is a single ingredient product that provides the body with the precursors required to repair wounded tissue and replace the mucous membranes of the intestinal lining. Persons suffering from ulcers, I.B.S., Crohn’s disease, colitis and other inflammatory disorders lack the ability to naturally manufacture enough n-acetly-glucosamine to maintain the protective barrier that safeguards the intestinal lining from digestive enzymes and other potentially damaging intestinal contents.

NAG is also an excellent product for musculoskeletal health (ex. arthritis) as N-acetyl-glucosamine is important in the formation of connective tissue: bones, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and synovial fluid.

Medicinal Ingredients:
Each capsule contains:
• N-acetyl-glucosamine 500 mg

Recommended Dosage: Take two capsules three times a day or as directed by a health care practitioner.

120 capsules

NPN 80036624