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OSAplex MK-7 60 Packets


Overall Bone Health and Strength*

Clinical Applications:
» Provide a Multifaceted Approach to Bone Maintenance and Strength*
» Provide Foundational Bone Support with Choline-Stabilized Orthosilicic
Acid (ch-OSA ®) *
» Support Bone Collagen Formation, Bone Mineral Density, and Bone
Calcium Binding Sites *
» Provide a Complementary Combination of Micronutrients *

OSAplexformulas offer a variety of micronutrient profiles that allow scope for
individualized nutritional support of bone health and maintenance. The foundation
of each of these distinct formulas is choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid (ch-OSA®
a source of the mineral silicon. Silicon has been researched for its role in collagen
synthesis and bone mineral density (BMD). By adding other bone-specific nutrients to
the ch-OSA foundation, each OSAplex formula is tailored to meet individual needs.