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Ossopan MD 120 Capsules


Comprehensive Bone Support

Clinical Applications:
» Supports Bone Metabolism
» Supports Bone Strength
» Provides Micronutrients for Utilization in Bone Production and

Ossopan is a well-researched, standardized extract from one of
the world’s safest premium sources of bone—free-range New
Zealand cattle. Ossopan contains microcrystalline hydroxyapatite
concentrate (MCHC), a complex crystalline compound containing
calcium, phosphorus, bioactive growth factors, type I collagen,
amino acids, glycosaminoglycans, and a broad range of essential
trace elements that naturally comprise healthy bone.
Ossopan 1100delivers 1100 mg of MCHC per capsule to optimally
support bone strength and structure. Ossopan MDdelivers 500 mg
of MCHC per capsule along with additional calcium and magnesium
in the form of highly absorbable Albion® minerals. Vitamin D, in the
form of cholecalciferol, supports intestinal calcium absorption and
homeostasis in the body and completes the comprehensiveness of
this bone-support formula.