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Pleo-MUC (Mucokehl) Eye Drops (10 Single Vials)


Eye Health

 Isotonic cleansing for dry and irritated eyes
 Reduces allergy symptoms (burning, itching, stinging)
 Dry eye syndrome
 Preservative free

Medicinal Ingredients:
• Mucor racemosus e volumine cellulae (lyophile., sterile) 5x
• Sodium chloride 0.9% (saline)*

Non-medicinal Ingredients:
Purified water (sterile)

*Homeopathic Ophthalmic Demulcent Medicine made without preservatives, can be used with contact lenses and assistant in relieving irritation due to contact lenses. To avoid contamination, do not touch tip of the container to any surface.

Adult: 1-2 drops twice daily into the affected eye(s). Apply drop to the outer corner of the eye, allowing it to wash over the whole eye surface.