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Bulle Diffuser


Dry diffusion of essential oils - Nebulisation - Wood and glass - Mist and light effect

Bulle by Pranarom is a pure essential oil diffuser, water-free and easy to use. Be seduced by its design and its effect of mist and light!

Personalize your living spaces and create your favorite olfactory atmosphere thanks to the diffusion of essential oils.

Made of noble wood and glass materials, the Bulle diffuser is a pure essential oil diffuser without water, easy to use; while returning to the traditional diffusion, the Bulle Diffuser is a beautiful design object with a surprising effect of mist and light!

This beautiful and exclusive high-quality diffuser will seduce you and become a key feature in your living spaces, at home or at the office.

Always make sure to choose CTEO quality essential oils: discover Pranarom's unique blends for 100% organic* and natural essential oil diffusers.

Dry diffusion in a few words:

Cold diffusion process supported by purists
Use of pure EO
Preserves all EH assets
Olfactory power +++
Suitable for large spaces

Features :

In noble materials wood and glass
LED mood light - white
Cycle: on 2 minutes - off 1 minute
Automatic switch off after 2 hours
Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 12 cms
Weight: 414 gr

Diffusion functions :

1) 30 minutes: 20 drops of EO Light + diffusion per cycle 2 minutes ON and 1 minute OFF

2) 60 minutes: 30 drops of EO Light + diffusion per cycle 2 minutes ON and 1 minute OFF

It is normal to hear a slight noise when using a dry diffuser, this is caused by the vibration of the pump.

Please read carefully and thoroughly the assembly procedure and the instructions for use, provided with the diffuser.