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Pranarom Alpha Diffuser


Pranarom Alpha Diffuser:

ALPHA is an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser of the latest generation.

Its sleek and elegant design fits perfectly in your living space. Ideal at the office or at home. Its use is simple and allows diffusion on a continuous or discontinuous mode. Easy to maintain and operate, ALPHA allows you to clean the air, relax or create an aromatic atmosphere to suit all needs.

Experience the pure and natural experience of hydro-diffusion and micro-nebulization of essential oils! Under the influence of ultrasonic vibrations, essential oils floating on water are turned into millions of micro-particles as an aromatic mist which optimizes the properties of oils for health and well-being. With these ultrasonic diffusers, you can take advantage of three important functionalities: you purify the air, you slightly moisten the atmosphere and subtly spice up the olfactory environment of your living spaces. These devices are suitable for use in any living space, conference rooms, locker rooms, hotels, hospitals, beauty salons, spas, etc…


  • 4 hours continuous mode
  • 8 hours discontinuous mode
  • Easy to clean
  • Recommended for areas of 20 m2

Please read carefully and thoroughly the assembly procedure and the instructions for use, provided with the diffuser.