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R193 Intense fever, inflammation, Homeopathic medicine 50 ml



R193 | Intense fever, inflammation


Strengthening of the immune system against localized inflammatory processes.

Mode of action

With different action focus, they influence the body’s effort to regulate itself in the presence of localized inflammatory processes.

Belladonna: Functiotropic relation to the vascular system. One of the main remedies for inflammatory processes. The drug picture encompasses the following symptoms: sudden and intense congestion, heat, redness, swelling, hypersensitivity to the touch.

Echinacea: Histiotropic relation to inflammatory-septic processes. Not used according to the principle “like cures like,” but rather according to clinical indication in the presence of inflammatory processes of the skin and the mucous membranes, acute catarrhal inflammations of the mucous membranes, tendency to purulence and foul-smelling secretions or excretions. Stimulation of the immune system.

Ferrum phosphoricum: Functiotropic relation to the lymphatic system. Main symptoms include throbbing pain, local redness, swelling, heat, exhausting sweats.

Remedies to be considered

  • Infections in general: BIO 93 or BC-10
  • In cases of severe inflammation, alternate with R1 or BC-11
  • Drainage of the lymphatic system: R60
  • To stimulate defensive mechanism of a weakened organism: R26
  • Topical antiseptic application to prevent infections: R94 diluted 1:10 parts water


Belladonna D6 3.33 g, Echinacea D4 3.33 g, Ferrum phosphoricum D6 3.33 g. 

Non-medicinal ingredients: ethanol, purified water.


Adults and children 12 years and older 5-10 drops daily up to 6 times daily in a little water or undiluted, or as directed by a health care practitioner.

Cautions and warnings

  • Consult a health care practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen.

For more information please consult your health care practitioner.