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Aromavita 8 Resistance Formula. 10 ml, Pranarom


Resistance Formula: immune stimulating and tonifying properties This specially blended essential oil formulation is probably the best known, and most famous, of all aromatic recipes globally. It is inspired by the French legend of the 4 thieves in the 15th century, who managed to steal the jewelry of patients dying from the plague without themselves being contaminated by this extremely...

Aromavita 93, 10 ml Pranarom


PROFESSIONAL Helps maintain a healthy immune system. The immune system plays a role in all elements that enable the body's proper and healthy function. It allows the body to defend itself against all manners of external attack such as microbes and inert particles like metal dust and wood dust. Essential oils have little effect on what is known as 'non-specific...

Aromavita 98, 10 ml Pranarom


  What makes Spike Lavender and Bay Laurel such amazing antidotes against most animal and plant poisons? No one truly knows for now, but these two essential oils possess very similar molecular profiles. These include 1,8-cineole, linalool, and terpene alcohols and esters. Broad-leaved Lavender is characterized by it naturally occurring camphor content, and Bay laurel contains methyl eugenol. Both of these essential oils share...

Bay Laurel essential oil, Organic 5 ml


DESCRIPTION 100% pure and natural chemotyped essential oil – Organic Laurus nobilis – Leaf1,8 cineole Used in aromatherapy topically to help relieve joint and muscle pain associated with sprain, strain and rheumatoid arthritis. Used in aromatherapy topically and/or by inhalation to help relieve headache, colds, cough and as a nervine/calmative. PROFESSIONAL Main properties: Remarkable antibacterial • Powerful antiviral • Excellent...

Black Spruce, essential oil, Organic 10 ml


DESCRIPTION 100% pure and natural chemotyped essential oil – Organic Picea mariana – NeedleMonoterpenes, bornyl acetate Native to Canada, this conifer grows on mountain slopes and peat bogs. It has a grey-brown bark that peels off, groups of red flowers and acicular leaves. The fruit is a 4-cm long red-brown hanging cone. Botanical name: Picea mariana Distilled part: Needles Aromatic molecules: Monoterpenes, bornyl...

Wheat Germ 100% Natural Vegetable Oil – Organic 50 ml


DESCRIPTION 100% Natural Vegetable Oil – Virgin Soothes and softens dry skin. Reduces the signs of aging. Skin type: Suitable for all skin types. Characteristics: Colour: yellow Odour: hardly noticeable Composition: OMEGA 6 Essential fatty acids................ 56% OMEGA 9 Fatty acids................................ 18% OMEGA 3 Fatty acids.................................. 5% Stearic acid................................................... 1% Contains: vitamins A, E, D and K First cold pressed, no physical and/or...

Otitis | Organic Medicinal Oil. 10ml


Helps relieve pain associated with mild acute otitis media. Used in Western herbalism to relieve earaches. Helps soften earwax. Mode of action: GARLIC (Allium sativum) - Family: Alliaceae Its action is widely used in traditional medicine worldwide. Garlic has a wide spectrum antimicrobial activity. The results have clearly been demonstrated both for internal and external use. This is an ancient remedy used for...

Celery, essential oil, Organic 10 ml


DESCRIPTION 100% pure and natural chemotyped essential oil Apium graveolens – SeedLimonene, selinene Used in aromatherapy as a nervine/carmative. PROFESSIONAL Main properties: Calmative/Sedative • Digestive tonic • Decongestant (venous) • Antipigmentary • Urinary antispetic Traditional indications: Varicose veins, hemorrhoids +++ Age spots +++ Asthenia, anxiety ++ Insomnia, nervous disorders +++ Cystitis, gout, renal detoxification ++ Halitosis, liver congestion, gas +++...

Hemp 100% Natural Vegetable Oil – Organic 50 ml


DESCRIPTION 100% Natural Vegetable Oil – Organic Suitable for all skin types, including mature and dry skin Rich in Omega 6 essential fatty acids that are involved in the skin's hydration process, this is the "softness" oil par excellence. Naturally nourishing, it is perfectly suited for mature and dry skin: it protects against dehydration and leaves the skin satiny and...

Jojoba 100% Natural Vegetable Oil – Organic 50 ml


DESCRIPTION 100% Natural Vegetable Oil – Organic Softens and moisturizes dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin. It can be massaged into the hair and scalp for healthier looking hair. Skin type: Suitable for mixed and oily skin. Characteristics: Colour: slightly yellow Odour: sweet and discreet Composition: OMEGA 6 Essential fatty acid................. 0.1% OMEGA 9 Fatty acid................................ 10% Palmitic acid............................................... 1% Stearic acid................................................. 0%...

Lavender Essential Oil Pearls 60 softgels, PRANAROM


Lavender Essential Oil Pearls 100% pure and natural essential oil – Organic  Lavandula angustifolia – herb top floweringMini-caps – Oral use 60 softgels Traditionally used in Herbal Medicine to help relieve mild symptoms of mental stress and exhaustion as well as to help relieve mild digestive discomfort. used in Herbal Medicine to help sleep. Traditionally used in Herbal Medicine to help relieve mild symptoms...

Aromavita 55 Joint & Muscle Pain 10 ml, Pranarom


Helps relieve joint and muscle pain associated with sprains, strain and rheumatoid arthritis. 100% pure and natural essential oil blend Description Some essential oils have high anti-inflammatory potency. This makes them very useful in the reduction of inflammation-related pain. They must be applied locally on the inflamed area, massaged into the skin, so their transcutaneous penetration acts directly on the...

Aromavita 6 Cold & Cough 10 ml, Pranarom


Description Cold & Cough Indications Helps relieve colds, coughs, and flu. Most winter ENT infections are caused by viruses, which are more resistant to low temperatures than bacteria. Influenza, the common cold, and sore throats are quite common during this season. Also, their viral origins mean that conventional medicine is highly limited in its treatment, focusing on their symptoms (fever...

Aromavita 101, Skin Irritation & Burns, 10 ml, Pranarom


Indications: It feeds, moisturizes, and regenerates the skin, and supports its recovery. Useful in case of skin irritations (sunstroke, …) or in conditions where the skin has been sensitized by any external agent. Simply put, this mixture is stunningly efficient and fast-acting when it comes to burns, and any form of skin irritation characterized by burning sensations (insect stings, and...

Strong Roots, Follicle & Scalp Support | Haircare 30ml


An ancient tradition to support growth, health & shine For thousands of years cultures around the world have used oils & plant essences for luxurious hair. Pranarom’s new Strong Roots, Natural Shine & Beard Oil blends bring these traditions to you with a combination of super food plant oils and aromatic essential oils. Encourage healthy hair from the roots to the ends. Strong Roots is a...

Clary Sage, essential oil, Organic 5 ml.


DESCRIPTION 100% pure and natural chemotyped essential oil – Organic Salvia sclarea – Flowering topLinalool, sclareol, linalyl acetate Botanical name: Salvia sclarea Distilled part: Flowering top Aromatic molecules: Linalool, sclareol, linalyl acetate Odour: Fresh, floral, dry, sweet-herbaceous Main properties: Antidepressant • Antispasmodic • Deodorant • Estrogen-like • Hypotensive • Nervine • Sedative • Tonic Useful tips: Clary Sage is recommended for oily skin, greasy...

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