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G5 CE-GEM Anti-cellulite complex, Gemmotherapy, 30ml


Anti-cellulite complex European name: CELLULIGEMPrevious name in Canada: G5 CEL-GEM Key notes: Although named to support the elimination of cellulite, this complex works through the lymphatic system to more generally eliminate waste, diminish swelling, and support weight loss. Synergistic effects: Corylus avellana (Hazel buds) is the key-remedy of sclerosis and tissue fibrosis (breaks it down). It acts in edema of the lower limbs,...

G19 AC-GEM, Gemmotherapy, Gemmotherapy, 15 ml


Acne complex Previous name in Canada: G19 ACN-GEM Key notes: Complex providing antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties; regulates sebum production and provides drainage of the skin, kidneys and liver. Synergistic effects: Ribes nigrum (Black currant): Anti-inflammatory (oral / topical). Complementary to all inflammatory states. Anti-infectious. Adaptogenic. Ulmus campestris (Elm): Liver / kidney drainer + effects on the skin. Regulates sebum production. Plantanus orientalis (Oriental plane tree):...

G23 MN-GEM, Menopause complexm, Gemmotherapy, 50ml


Menopause complex Previous name in Canada: G23 MENO-GEM Key notes: Hormonal regulator and tonic for the reproductive system. G23 MN-GEM is recommended for the regulation of all types of hormonal disorders after the age of 35, as well as during the menopausal period (menopause, peri or post menopause). Characteristics: Hormonal regulator Tonic for the reproductive system Antisclerotic (hyalinosis / fibrosclerosis) Antispasmodic Remineralizing (increases...

G24 ST-GEM, Digestive comfort complex, Gemmotherapy remedy 50ml


Digestive comfort complex European name: STOMAGEMPrevious name in Canada: G24 STOMAGEM Key notes: The primary action of G24 ST-GEM is to provide relief from nausea and vomiting tendencies, of non-specific etiology. It can ease symptoms of digestive irritations, including inflammation, irregular transit time and cramping, thus bringing regularity in a person’s everyday life. This complex can be used in conjunction with other single mother...

G27 MI-GEM Forte, Gemmotherapy, Spray 15ML


Cerebral circulation complex For migraines occurring immediately after the typical warning signs and precursors, or after an aura, localized pain (with or without aura), or due to an allergic reaction. Also for use in treatment-resistant migraines. Synergistic action: Alnus glutinosa (European alder): This bud extract is an excellent remedy for the circulatory system. It thins the blood and alleviates blood stasis. It is thus a...

G31 Fagus Sylvatica Gemmotherapy remedy Organic Beech Buds


Key notes: Hypogammaglobulinemia; will increase the liver’s ability to make globulin Stimulation of the immune system; indicated for some bacterial and viral infections Anti-histamine; for allergies, without causing fatigue or drowsiness Therapeutic actions: Fagus sylvatica is a fibrosclerotic remedy of the respiratory and renal systems. It also has powerful immuno-stimulant properties. Antiallergenic and antihistaminic properties. Increases hepatic macrophage activity. Reported to lower cholesterol, uric acid...

G32 Vaccinium Myrtillus,Gemmotherapy, Macular degeneration (wet and dry)


Key notes: Supports issues of the eyes related to vision Antiviral Anti-septic, especially related to the urinary system Improves microcirculation throughout the body Therapeutic actions: Vaccinium myrtillus has shown vasoprotective, antiedematous, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antihemorrhagic and astringent properties. Supports issues of the eyes related to vision. Possible mechanisms of action for its effects on ophthalmic conditions include its ability to protect against the...

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