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G29 VENASAP Fresh birch sap + bud extracts 250 ml


Fresh birch sap enriched with bud extracts In short: it is a vascular drainer, working simultaneously on the blood vessels, the vascular walls, and on any thrombotic involvements that may be occurring. The effects are diuretic and anti-inflammatory. They reduce circulatory stasis and rejuvenate the lymphatic system and vascular walls. Clinical indications: For terrain improvement in cases that manifest themselves...

G53 Aesculus hippocastanum Gemmotherapy remedy – Organic Horse chestnut – Buds 50 ml


DescriptionKey notes: Portal circulation / portal congestion Drainage of the venous system, especially lower extremities Therapeutic actions: Aesculus hippocastanum is mainly a venous remedy (portal circulation enhancement). It has anti-inflammatory properties through its action on easing venous congestion. It also eases breathing (possibly by removing venous congestion). Aesculus hippocastanum has a perfect digestive tolerance. Clinical indications: It is recommended for broken capillaries, spider veins,...

G14 EN-GEM, Restore energy, Gemmotherapy


Description Burn-out complex European name: ENERGEMPrevious name in Canada: G14 ENE-GEM Key notes: This gemmotherapy complex helps to restore mental and physical energy and balance. The tonic is excellent for those who are under chronic stress which leads to mental and emotional turmoil, eventually leading to physical fatigue. It can be used both as a restorative and as a preventative, in the...

G76 Viburnum lantana, Gemmotherapy remedy Organic, 50ml


Description Keynotes: Lung remedy drains the lungs; LRT (lower respiratory tract) and URT (upper respiratory tract), mucous membranes and skin Hyperthyroidism, Grave’s disease, thyrotoxicosis; possible H-P action plays a part Therapeutic actions: Viburnum lantana is a major pulmonary remedy (drainage LRT (lower respiratory tract) and URT (upper respiratory tract), mucous membranes, and skin), pulmonary neuro-vegetative regulatory action. In Chinese medicine, it is associated to...

G65 Platanus orientalis, Gemmotherapy, Organic, Oriental plane tree Buds, 50 ml


Keynotes: Vitiligo Acne; stimulates the reticulo-endothelial system, improving immune function Therapeutic actions: Plant is not well known in gemmotherapy. The signature of the bark leads to properties related to skin problems (vitiligo / acne) and oddly paludism (antiparasitic against malaria protozoan parasites). Stimulates the reticulo-endothelial system, improving immune function. Clinical indications: Acne: Acute and chronic, recurrent (good results), eczema, rebellious psoriasis, allergic...

G43 Ulmus campestris, Gemmotherapy, Organic, Elm – Buds


DescriptionKey notes: Kidney drainage that has an effect on the skin Superficial drainage that can help correct metabolic imbalances Remineralising Therapeutic actions: Ulmus campestris (Elm) bark was formerly considered as a panacea for skin problems. The bud has a similar therapeutic profile. Great drainer of the skin, Ulmus campestris has an action on oozing, vesicular, inflammatory not yet infected eczemas. It provides kidney drainage that...

G1 All-Gem, Allergy complex, Organic Gemmotherapy


Allergy complex European name: ALLARGEMPrevious name in Canada: G1 ALL-GEM Key notes: Balances and strengthens the natural defences of the body against allergic reaction. Synergistic effects: Ribes nigrum (Black currant buds) has a tonic action on the endocrine glands and more particularly on the suprarenal glands, which allows the cortisol rate in the blood to naturally increase. Ribes nigrum has been recognised for centuries as...

G27 MI-GEM, migraines, Gemmotherapy 30 ml


Cerebral circulation complex European name: MIDOGEM COMFORTPrevious name in Canada: G27 MIDOGEM COMFORT Key notes: For migraines occurring immediately after the typical warning signs and precursors, or after an aura, localised pain (with or without aura), or due to an allergic reaction. Also for use in treatment-resistant migraines. G27 MI-GEM COMFORT is recommended in all cases of widespread pain, where it speeds up the return...

G13 OS-GEM, bone health, Gemmotherapy


Bone complex European name: OSTEOGEMPrevious name in Canada: G13 OST-GEM Key notes: Focuses on building and maintaining bone health. Synergistic action: Rubus fructicosus (Bramble young shoots) pioneer species colonizes wasteland, degraded areas, thus preventing erosion and maintaining some soil structure. Its bud repairs damaged bodies by restructuring them at the base. Regeneration of bone through increased osteoblastic activity. Pinus montana (Mountain pine buds) is...

G15 SI-GEM, Sinus complex Gemmotherapy, Herbalgem


Sinus complex European name: SINUGEMPrevious name in Canada: G15 SIN-GEM Key notes: Helps breathe more easily. Supports most acute and chronic sinusitis. Synergistic action: Carpinus betulus (Hornbeam buds) acts as an antispasmodic and has a specific action on the sinus mucosa. It is an excellent remedy for sinusitis, spasmodic rhinitis and chronic bronchitis. Respiratory system drainage. Alnus glutinosa (Black alder buds) acts on the...

G16 TO-GEM, Powerful tonic, Gemmotherapy


Tonic complex European name: TONIGEMPrevious name in Canada: G16 TONIGEM Key notes: Boosts energy levels. This complex is a powerful tonic, effective against fatigue and drowsiness. It also helps to drive out depression without addiction. Synergistic action: Sequoia gigantea (Giant redwood young shoots) is a tree that can live for centuries, has a revitalising effect on the whole body (including at the sexual...

G30 Fraximus Excelsior, For acute and chronic gout, Gemmotherapy


Key notes: For acute and chronic gout and hyperuricemia Diuretic Inflammation modulation Liver and Ki drainage Therapeutic actions: Fraxinus excelsior (Ash buds): the suppleness and flexibility of Fraxinus excelsior’s wood is curiously similar to certain medicinal properties of its bud preparation in gemmotherapy, namely its action on ligaments. Osteoarticular and kidney tropism has analgesic and anti-inflammatory action (increases adrenal production of cortisol which explains...

G96 UR-GEM, urinary disorders, Gemmotherapy remedy, 30 ml


Urinary comfort complex European name: URIGEM Soothes urinary disorders G96 UR-GEM soothes thanks to the synergy of young heather and juniper shoots, and promotes dilution and elimination of germs thanks to the diuretic action of cowberry and juniper young shoots and white birch buds. Disinfectant and anti-inflammatory action. Bladder drainer. Ideal for: Recurrent cystitis and post-coital cystitis. Do not use in cases...

G62 Pinus montana, Gemmotherapy, Organic Mountain pine – Buds


Key notes: Regeneration of hard tissue, bone and cartilage Drains joints, liver and lymph Removes all heavy metals from the body Re-stimulates remedies that have lost their effectiveness Therapeutic actions: Regeneration of hard tissue – bone and cartilage. Drains joints, liver, and lymph. Removes all heavy metals from the body. Re-stimulates remedies that have lost their effectiveness. Pinus montana is a...

G8 GINKGOGEM, Gemmotherapy, 30ml


Ginkgo complex Key notes: An integrated complex of GINKGO BILOBA buds and leaves. It acts as a real “brain and circulatory adaptogen“, improves health and slows down cell ageing, particularly among the elderly. Synergistic action: The bud extract of Ginkgo biloba acts as a protector of capillary blood. It reduces blood viscosity by influencing the platelet aggregation factor. These anti-inflammatory virtues are particularly effective in obliterating...

G52 Carpinus betulus Gemmotherapy remedy Organic Hornbeam – Buds


Key notes: Antihemorrhagic: acts on megacaryocytes, increasing platelet numbers and through agglutination Acute and chronic respiratory conditions: antispasmodic, antitussive, repairs damaged respiratory mucosa Therapeutic actions: Carpinus betulus is an essential remedy for coagulation problems. It acts on the megacaryocytes, increases the activity of the platelets, decreasing the bleeding time and seems to normalise the prothrombine time. Respiratory system: Acts as an antispasmodic and has...

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