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Limonen-E Source of Antioxidant 30 ml (28 servings)


Source of Antioxidant

Ingredient (per 24 drops): (28 servings)

Vitamin E (from alpha-d-tocopheryl acetate).....2.4 IU

Non-medicinal Ingredients: d-limonene (from Citrus sinensis) (peel)

Suggested Use:

Take 24 drops daily on an empty stomach, or as recommended by your health care practitioner.

Direction of Use:

Take indicated dosage (24 drops) directly into your mouth on an empty stomach and washing it down with 1-2 sips of water. This way, all of the desired dosage is ingested and not too diluted.


Some people may experience tingling sensation; in which case, take it with water.


NPN 80052226