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THE 12 HTSF COMPLEXES Homeopathic medicine

HTSF Trauma Traumatism
HTSF Viral Initial stage of viral infection (pre-symptomatic)
HTSF Sep Productive stage of infection (symptomatic)
HTSF Dram Resolution stage of illness: convalescence –decongestant
HTSF Man Inflammation -pain
HTSF Mam1 Streptococcal infections
HTSF Bro Affection of the upper respiratory tract
HTSF Pulmo Affection of the lower respiratory tract -pneumonia
HTSF Intox Intoxication, strong fever, septic state
HTSF Dia Diarrhea
HTSF Car Demineralisation and malnutrition
HTSF Drain Drainage & detoxifying: liver – gall bladder – kidneys, bladder.