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G22 DE-GEM, Skin complex, Gemmotherapy remedy Organic,30ml


Skin complex European name: DERMAGEMPrevious name in Canada: G22 DER-GEM Key notes: Possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties, restores the skin and provides drainage of the skin, kidneys and liver. G22 DE-GEM is recommended for inflammatory, keratinized and allergic dermatosis associated with pruritis. It is also recommended for the prevention of skin ageing. G22 DE-GEM is a concentrated gemmotherapy complex that works in depth on the...

G6 CH-GEM, Cholesterol complex, Gemmotherapy, 30ml


Cholesterol complex European name: CHOLESTEGEMPrevious name in Canada: G6 CHO-GEM Key notes: Controls your cholesterol. It helps to balance the lipid profile by stabilising the level of “good” cholesterol (HDL) and reducing that of “bad” cholesterol (LDL). Its efficiency can still be increased by taking it with carnitine, which will act in synergy to burn undesirable fats. Synergistic action: Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary young...

G37 Rubus fruticosus Bramble / Blackberry – Young shoots


For degenerative conditions of the bone; enhances the action of osteoblasts For pain, acts as an analgesic Anti-sclerotic throughout the body Therapeutic actions: Rubus fruticosus (Bramble young shoots): present in gemmotherapy a similarity with the properties of the leaves, used in classical phytotherapy, namely a pulmonary tropism. Tonic for long term use. This plant will restructure the degraded terrain (ecological & internal...

G49 Corylus avellana Gemmotherapy remedy Herbalgem


Description Keynotes: Antisclerotic and antifibrotic Respiratory system drainage, especially the lungs Anticoagulant, normalizing thrombus formation Therapeutic actions: Corylus avellana has activity on all metabolisms with exception of sugars. It is one of the polyvalent remedies in gemmotherapy. Antisclerotic remedy that will break down sclerotic tissues. As a lung drainer it will restore the elasticity of the lung through its anti-sclerotic action. It has...

G46 Sequoia gigantea, Gemmotherapy, Organic Giant redwood Young shoots


Description Keynotes: Antisenescence to males (jing tonic); 17 ketosteroid precursor, improving neuro-sexual functional syndromes Osteopenia and osteoporosis; increase osteoblastic activity and is a precursor to estrogen Adrenal tonic; use lower doses for women Therapeutic actions: Sequoia gigantea therapeutic activity focuses both on the osteoarticular and nervous systems. Its main site of action is on the glandular and nervous systems. Adrenal tonic (use lower doses for women)....

G41 Rosa canina, Gemmotherapy, Organic, Herbalgem


Description Keynotes: Stimulates immunity via the RES phagocytosis Re-equilibrates the protein profile Is complementary to many of the buds Upper respiratory infection (URI) affinity Headaches and migraines Therapeutic actions: Is a major ENT remedy (acute/chronic), recommended for recurring localized infections, inflammation, and mucosal inflammation. Immune system: Stimulates immunity via RES phagocytosis and has antiviral properties. Because of its activity on the immune...

G39 Vaccinium vitis-idaea (Cowberry) Gemmotherapy remedy Organic


Key notes: Rebuilds mucous membranes, especially in gut Helps restore normal bowel flora Female senescence Remineralises, facilitates calcium absorption Therapeutic actions: Vaccinium vitis-idaea is a female oriented remedy, recommended at menopause (contains a certain amount of estradiol). Detoxify & repairs the intestinal mucosa. Helps restore normal bowel flora. Female senescence. Remineralises, facilitates calcium absorption in the colon. Acts as a remedy of premature aging at different...

G83 Betula pubescens, Gemmotherapy remedy, Organic White birch – Buds 50 ml


DescriptionKey notes: More profound action than Betula verrucosa Intense diuretic, kidney drainage Anti-inflammatory Immune modulating Antithrombotic – stabilises walls of vessels through inflammation modulating Stimulates Kupffer cells of the liver, liver drainage Stimulates bone regeneration Therapeutic actions: Around the year 1800, Dr. Percy wrote: “In all Northern Europe … birch water is the hope, happiness and panacea of the inhabitants,...

G28 Artisap Gemmotherapy remedy Organic Fresh birch sap + bud extracts 250 ml


Gemmotherapy remedy – OrganicFresh birch sap + bud extracts Key notes: The association of Birch sap with young shoots of Equisetum arvense (Horse tail) allows for healthy bone development and preservation of cartilage. The Betula alba, Ribes nigrum, Pinus montana and Vitis vinifera buds increase the drainage action of the sap and create and ideal synergy for the maintenance of supple articulations. Therapeutic action: Strengthens the osseous structure and the assimilation...

G45 Ficus carica Gemmotherapy remedy Herbalgem


 Key notes: Nervous system, stress related emotional disturbances (anxiety and depression), excessive thinking; unblocking blocked biological phenomenon associated with the cortico-diencephalic functions – hypothalamus – NS related Gastrointestinal (GI); terrain of the stomach, changes the environment of the stomach, heals mucosa, ENS related Cardiovascular (CV) system – anti-coagulant, arteriosclerosis Therapeutic actions: Ficus carica is an extraordinary remedy (the Fig tree was sacred in...

G48 Crataegus oxyacantha, Hawthorn Buds Gemmotherapy remedy Organic


Therapeutic actions: Traditionally used for heart problems, Crataegus oxyacantha serves as the perfect example of how a bud can incorporate all the properties of the whole plant. It possesses both the calming properties of the flowers (cardiac rhythm, tension) and the tonic influence of the fruit on the heart muscle. The macerate has a positive inotropic and chronotropic action. Detoxifies the heart & reinforces the contractibility of the heart. A sedative...

G10 Mem-Gem, Memory complex, Gemmotherapy


Memory complex Boosts memory and increases resistance to fatigue. This is the ideal complex for the elderly. Synergistic action: Olea europaea (Olive young shoots) is able to live a very long time, is useful to eliminate excess cholesterol, which reduces brain circulation. Olive tree acts in cerebral defects and restores memory. Decreases blood viscosity, allowing for easier flow. Alnus glutinosa (Black alder...

G26 FE-GEM, Woman 50+ Gemmotherapy


Woman 50+ complex European name: FEM50+GEMPrevious name in Canada: G26 FEM50+GEM Key notes: G26 FE-GEM supports women over 50 during the peri and menopausal stage. The primary action of this complex is to balance the estrogen and progesterone hormone levels and all associated symptoms. It helps to reduce hot flashes and cardiovascular disease, while preventing osteoporosis. Synergistic action: Vaccinium vitis-idaea (Cowberry young shoots): Estrogen-like...

G61 Viscum album, Gemmotherapy, Organic, Mistletoe – Young shoots


Key notes: For sclerotic conditions in all organs and glands. Will break things down in the body Used in conjunction with chemotherapy treatments to break down tissue and have chemo agent act as a toxin to the tumour. Breaks down the glue that holds tumours, benign and malignant, together. Has some quieting action on the nervous system (NS); lowers heart...

G7 DP-GEM, Detox complex, Gemmotherapy, 30ml


Detox complex European name: DEPURAGEMPrevious name in Canada: G7 DEP-GEM Key notes: Eliminates toxins directly. It cleanses the body of accumulated wastes and fights against the effects of alcohol and all other toxins. Like any machine in operating condition, the body has a natural tendency to foul. Metabolic operations that ensure the maintenance of life lead finally to the formation of wastes...

G47 Vitis vinifera Grape vine – Buds Gemmotherapy remedy Organic


  Arthritis and deforming rheumatoid arthritis Works on globulins, breaks immunoglobulin chain reactions causing inflammation and auto-immune activity Stimulates and regulates white blood cells (WBC) Therapeutic actions: Its action is for chronic inflammation in all tissues and organs. Chronic conditions caused by chronic inflammation where the body is not able to heal (COX inhibitor). Arthritis and deforming rheumatoid arthritis. Stimulates and regulates white...

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